Mike Chowla

Safari West

Safari West bills itself as the Sonoma Serengeti. After having visited the real Serengeti, I was curious to see what the version close to home was like. Safari West is lot a easier to visit than the Serengeti as the dust, heat, incredibly bumpy roads and mosquitoes are all not present. A safari in Africa is also incredibly expensive.

Visitors to Safari West see a lot of African animals. It's a big property which means the animals are spread out and one gets the feel of seeing them in a natural habitat and not a zoo. Safari West doesn't have the magic and awe of Africa. Watching a lion take down a wildebeest is an amazing experience and that's not something one can see at a preserve. The purpose of my visit was take my niece and nephew and kids really enjoy seeing the animals. For adults, it's good a outing too, but if you really want the full safari experience, one has to make that expensive and grueling trip to Africa.