Mike Chowla
Annual 10 Best:

My Ten Best of Images of 2016

These end of year collections give me the opportunity to look back and asssess my year in photography. These are my personal photographic performance appraisals. Performance appraisals done by others, particular for as part of employment, have a skew to them. If you are doing a decent job, they tend to be written as the reviewed individual is doing well. Management incentives are to keep employees happy and motivated rather than risk loss motivation when the upside is usually limited to somewhat better performance. When doing your own appraisal, there are no such upward biases.

This year I fault myself for not putting enough time into my photography. I grade the work itself with decent marks but it was concentrated on two relatively short trips. Looking at back at last year's review, I resolved to put in more time in and I did not do it this year. In doing so, I'm one more person who didn't meet their New Year's resolution.

Five of the ten photos I in this collection were taken in Washington State, three in Montana and only two in California. I hope to both travel more extensively next year as well take better advantage of all the beautiful locations in my home state.