Mike Chowla

Northern California Coast

It had been twenty years since had I visited the Northern California coast. Back then, I was a more casual photographer and I can't even remember if I took any photographs on that trip. I do remember being fascinated by the Lost Coast, a 25-mile section of coastline where Highway 1 cuts inland and the only roads are dirt tracks that require 4WD vehicles. This trip, I didn't make it to the Lost Coast either but enjoy the more accessible parts of the rugged and beautiful coastline. Perhaps one day I will buy a vehicle capable of exploring the hard to get to parts of the Northern California Coast.

Photographers Note: I found Gary Crabbe's book, Photographing California - Vol. 1: North - A Guide to the Natural Landmarks of the Golden State an invaluable resource for finding the best photographic locations. All the books in the series are excellent resources but given the long coastline and the challenges in finding the right conditions (sometimes based on the tides), I consider this book a must-have for photographers journeying to the area.