Mike Chowla

US Air Force Thunderbirds - Wings Over Solano Airshow at Travis AFB

This was my first Thunderbirds show. I've seen their Navy counterparts, the Blue Angels, many times. I really enjoyed the Thunderbird's show! It's of course hard not to compare Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. The biggest difference in my experiences is the setting. I usually see the Blue Angles at San Francisco Fleet Week, flying over the Bay which a more dramatic setting. Both squadrons put on amazing shows and are well worth seeing.

Photographer's note: I couldn't find any information online about where to photography the show from. While most spectators view the show from Travis Air Force Base, visitors are very restricted as to what items they can bring on-base to the show. As a tripod wasn't listed in the permissible items, I decided to photograph off-base. I photographed from Creed Road near where it intersects with Branscombe Road which worked out well.