Mike Chowla
Korea 2006:


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In April 2006, I traveld to Seoul South Korea for my brother Peter's wedding to Eunmi. Peter and Eunmi had a traditional Korean wedding which was a unique expirence to witness. Somewhat surprisingly, it was not just a unique expirence for foreigners to witness. Even Koreans rarely see traditional Korean weddings since most weddings in Korea are done in a more modern style. Pictures of the wedding can be found here.

I'm writing up this trip more than two years later and thus my impression has eroded a bit with time. I remember Seoul being both very dense and quite clean for a large city. Traffic was horrible but the subway was quite efficient. It's hard to believe that Seoul transformed itself from a relatively poor industrial city 30 years ago to a prosperous modern metropolis today.


Gyeongbokgung is royal palace complex in Seoul. Most of the complex was destroyed in the Japanese occupation but has since been rebuilt.

A warrior at the changing of the guard ceremony.

Wedding Procession

Those who really want to show off and have cash to burn, stage a wedding procession down one of the shopping streets complete with the groom on a horse.