Mike Chowla
New England 2011:

New England Fall Color

In addition to the leaves, the quaint towns are a core part of the fall in New England experience. Not surprisingly, Vermont has nicer towns than New Hampshire. My favorite was Woodstock, VT which is epitome of a quaint New England town. I also found the backroads were far more enjoyable than the more famous ones. For example, the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire's White Mountains is just too busy. Every stop along the road is mobbed with people and the experience is impaired by the noise of all the cars whizzing by. Route 100 in Vermont while well known was less crowded and more enjoyable. Even better was a short drive along NH 120 between Lebanon and Claremont which is a true backroad. Best way to find the backroads with good color is to go Welcome or Tourism Centers and ask.