Mike Chowla
New England:

Fall Colors in Maine

I'd wanted to go to Acadia National Park for some time. Often, it's a photograph that causes a place to get rooted in my mind as a place to visit. In this case, the picture was in a book of photographs called These Rare Lands which has one picture from each US National Park. I can't even distinctly remember the photograph though I believe it showed the rocky coast meeting the ocean.

Once of the dangers of things getting rooted in your imagination is that it's easy to build them up larger than life and be disappointed with the reality. Arcadia doesn't disappoint. It's not stunning beauty of a Yosemite but rather has an unassuming allure.

I enjoyed the other parts of the Maine coast beyond Arcadia. The food is surprisingly good, even beyond the lobsters and clams. The coast is meandering with many peninsulas and islands which leaves lots to explore.