Mike Chowla
British Columbia:

British Columbia - Vancouver to Revelstoke

We started our British Columbia journey in Vancouver. Vancouver should be a model for other North American cities. Downtown has densified considerably but it hasn't changed the overall feel of the city. Summer in Vancouver gives this feeling on endless days since it stays light till 10 pm. Our next stop was Whistler. Whistler is reported to have stunning mountain scenery but I cannot say if it does since our time there was rainy and cloudy. Whistler was still pleasant and we saw bears in Callaghan Valley.

Next stop was Okanagan Valley which is British Columbia's wine region. Okanagan is relaxed and unpretentious. Some wineries require reservations for tasting but the overall vibe is that wineries are trying to sell bottles of wine rather than an expensive tasing experience. From Okanagan, we continued our journey east. Stopping in Revelstoke to visit Mount Revelstoke National park before heading on to Golden which was our gateway into the Rocky Mountain national parks.