Mike Chowla

Ellora Caves

The Ellora Caves have monuments from three religions: Jain, Buddhist and Hindu. The largest and most impressive of all the sites is the Hindu Kailasanatha Temple, which is a giant temple carved out of the rock. It's hard to fathom even when looking directly at the Kailasanatha Temple that it is carved directly out of the rock with no joints or bricks. The temple is still used as an active temple to the god Shiva and is gets quite busy as the day progresses with people coming to pray.

While the caves are not on the same scale as the Kailasanatha Temple, they were all worth seeing. Each religion's cave has a different personality. The Buddhist caves provide a feeling of calm and one can easily imagine monks from many centuries ago meditating in them. The Hindu caves and temples are built inspire awe. The Jain caves have extremely precise and intricate stone work.