Mike Chowla
Washington State:

Within A 100 Miles of Seattle

I stopped in Seattle on my way back from Glacier National Park. My plan was to visit the Central Cascades for a couple of days and then spend of a couple of days on the Olympic Peninsula. My highlight in the Central Cascades was visiting the town of Roslyn. Roslyn will seem familiar to fans of the TV show Northern Exposure as it was the town used for the outdoor shots of the fictional Cicely, Alaska. I only ended up spending one day in the Central Cascades before heading back to Seattle.

The second part of my trip was heading out to the Olympic Peninsula. The major attraction of the peninsula is Olympic National Park. The weather wasn't cooperating and it was overcast and raining for most of the trip. The overcast weather meant that none of the spectacular mountain views in the park could be seen. The highlight of peninsula was the lavender fields in Sequim. One of the best parts of the field can not be captured by a camera. The fields smell amazing as the smell of lavender permeates them.