Mike Chowla

Grand Canyon

This trip was a revisiting of a section of trip I had done in 2014. The locations are same but this time I visited in winter rather than at the edge of summer. The crowds were certainly smaller and the road to Hermit's Rest in Grand Canyon National Park is open to private vehicles in the winter but only accessible by park bus in the other three seasons. As for the canyon, its scale and grandeur are hard to put into words, or capture in photographs. Next trip, I want to see the North Rim as both my visits have been to the South Rim. I've read the North Rim is blissfully uncrowded.

Revisitng areas I've been to before always drives me to compare my photography from then and now. I always hope I've improved. Comparing, I can see the effect of new techniques I've adopted over the last four years but whether there's more artistic merit is better judged by other's than by me.