Mike Chowla
France & Italy:

The French Riviera & Genoa

The French Riviera has a storied reputation for glitz and glamour. This was my first visit and for some reason, I thought that reputation extended to a scenic coastline. There's nothing wrong with the coastline and perhaps I've been spoiled by California's stunning coastline but the scenery is a bit underwhelming. Its prettiest aspect sections of the coast do have beautiful azure water. The reputation for glamour is from the high concentration of the rich and famous that visit. There are many glitzy hotels but humungous yachts appear to be the preferred accommodation of the super wealthy. The towns all have nice historic sections with atmospheric old buildings but for me, the entire package did not live up to the hype.

On the way to our next location, we stopped in Genoa. Genoa has a lot of history is mercifully free of tourists. I would have liked to stay longer and explored more the city.