Mike Chowla
New Zealand - South Island:

Milford Sound and the West Coast

Milford Sound is one the South Island's top tourist destinations. Technically it's a fijord which means it's a long and narrow inlet cut by glacier. From land, only a small portion of Milford Sound so tourists must take either to the water or to the air with the boat tour being the most common option. I took a boat tour and it's pleasant experience even if I did get drenched in the waterfall that supposed to be a fountain of youth. Spoiler altert: I didn't look any younger after. Given the hype, I was a bit underwhelmed by the expirence but would still rate it as worth the drive.

I also travelled up the west coast to the Fox Glacier. I don't have pictures of it because the weather was terrible during my visit due to a heavy rainstorm. The storm was so bad, the road out was closed for nearly a day. This closure was distressing because the road north was closed due to losing a bridge in a storm a month prior. I thought I could be stuck but fortunately the road to south opened and I was able to return to Queenstown.