Mike Chowla
Western USA:

Over 2 weeks, I drove 4,700 miles through 7 states and visited 4 national parks. Las Vegas was my first stop.

Las Vegas

Modern Vegas with its 40+ story hotels has a certain glamour but I prefer the glitz of old Vegas. The two places today to find old Vegas are downtown on Fremont Street and at the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is a sign boneyard with signs from through out the history of Vegas. The signs tell the story of the history of Vegas. This visit, I did the night tour of the museum. The signs are lit up and with an array of rotating colors. The museum has a few restored signs which are turned on for the night tours. The night tour is a great experience and I strongly recommend it.

Fremont Street has been nicely revitalized. I don't care for the blaring music during the light show every hour at the Fremont Street Experience but it's only 6 minutes long. The rest of the time, the feel of old Vegas comes through. At the east end of Fremont Street, there are several restored and operating signs from the old era Vegas.