La Boca

La Boca

I recently decided to print some images from my South America trip and this was one of them. I realized after printing, I didn’t happen to include it in my La Boca page which got me to thinking about the process of photo selection. Clearly, I was picking differently the day I was printing than the day I was making the web page. I only decided to print two images from the trip and it seems odd that I chose one that is not among the 20 or so images I chose for to post to the web.

I’ve never liked the process of photo selection. I find it tedious and draining, particularly of my own work. Perhaps it’s just difficult to judge ones own work. Now that I’m wondering whether my judgments are consistent, I’m even less fond of the process. At least there’s an upside. Later viewings may find more images I like. I like this one well enough to hang on my wall.

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