Las Vegas, Neon, Nevada

Jackpot Motel Sign, the Neon Museum

Jackpot Motel Sign

I’ve been wanting to see the Neon Museum since I found out about it back in April 2011 but no tours were available.  I finally made it back and really enjoyed the tour.  The tour guide gave a great history of Las Vegas told through the signs.

I found out the Las Vegas Strip started as mom and pop motels that were trying to catch people coming in on the highway before they reached downtown which had the major hotels in the 50’s and 60’s.  Todays strip is where the old highway used to be, before the Interstates were built.  The strip is outside of Las Vegas proper so there were few building regulations which made it easy for the small hotels to set up shop.

Update: My full set of photos from the Neon Museum 


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