As I’ve been going back through old images and posting them, it’s given me the chance to review my past trips with some mental distance from the experience of being there. The majority of the images I’ve posted since this lockdown began are ones that I haven’t published previously. In one sense, they are the B-roll that didn’t make the cut when I published the trip gallery. Some of the time, I find images that I like better than the ones I published earlier.

What I’m finding remarkable about Glacier National Park is that there are so many amazing vistas in the “B-roll”. It’s one the most grand places I’ve ever been. I’ve often said Banff is the prettiest place North America and it’s absolutely lovely. But Glacier is more majestic and it has taken me going back through my images from Glacier to fully realize it. I’d love to go back. Maybe when this craziness is over, I will.

Glacier National Park Trip Gallery

Landscape, National Parks

Glacier National Park


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