Mike Chowla
Annual 10 Best:

My Ten Best of Images of 2019

These 10 annual ten best collections are a photographic performance review of sorts and being by me, and for me with nothing at stake, my inclination is not to go easy on myself. Travel wise I went to a number of great locations this year but I fault for myself for not doing enough photography locally.

This year I went back to the Big Island of Hawaii after 18 years and comparing my images from this year with my prior trip, I see dramatic improvement. A harder question: Am I better than last year? That I'm not so sure about.

Perhaps I've plateaued. And if so, then the question is how to move past that. One idea I've been thinking about is that people and organizations get stuck at local maxima because the only way to get the next level is to change things in a way that you get worse in the short term as you try to find the next level. If so, I need to move outside my photographic comfort and skill zone in 2020.