Mike Chowla
Annual 10 Best:

My Ten Best of Images of 2014

Putting together these collections every year gives me a opportunity to think about what I accomplished for the year as a photographer and where I was the most productive. The Western USA won for productivity this year with 7 of my 10 best image created during a two week road trip across the West.

I was also very fortunate to be able to go on safari in Tanzania this year which was an amazing experience and something I'd wanted to do for years. As photographer though, I'm most at home in the stunning landscapes of the Western USA. Perhaps I should resist the exotic appeal of far flung foreign countries more. My timing for my two week roadtrip was dictated by when I switched jobs and my passport was out for renewal so I was forced to stay domestic. I'm quite happy with results from my road trip and thinking about whether I should spend more time exploring and creating in the wonders of the West even when option to travel to exotic locations presents itself.