Mike Chowla
Southwest Roadtrip 2024:

Cardiac Canyon

While I was searching for a photographer-friendly tour of Antelope Canyon which unfortuantely no longer exists, I found a tour of Cardiac Canyon which is near Antelope Canyon. The Cardiac Canyon Tour is exclusively run by Taadidin Tours. It's a premium option price-wise but if you like slot canyons, I can not recommend it highly enough. There's only one tour per day, limited to 6 people. The tour spends over 3 hours in the canyon and it's the only time I've been able to explore and photograph a slot canyon at a relaxed pace.

The guides were incredibly helpful and assisted me in getting my camera equipment up and down the tight passages and climbs in the canyon. The tour requires climbing ladders and squeezing through some tight spots. The hardest part of the experience was the 400ft steep climb out of the canyon.

For photographers wanting to photograph slot canyons, this tour is a must. For non-photographers, who want the ultimate slot canyon experience, I also recommend it.

Some additional reviews of the Cardiac Canyon Tour:

So why is it called Cardiac Canyon? There are two answers to this. One is the cardiac workout to climb out of the canyon. But the correct answer is the canyon has 4 chambers like a heart.