Mike Chowla
Southwest Roadtrip 2024:

Around Page, Arizona

The draw of Page, Arizona has always been the slot canyons, the most famous of which is Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon becomes a bigger draw every year. When I first visited in 2014, Antelope Canyon was crowded with tourists but photo tours were available which I did. When I returned in 2018, photo tours were still available and the experience was more relaxed due to January being less busy than May. I felt a draw to go back but was dismayed to find out there are no more photo tours and everyone is marched through at a high rate of speed. However, I found another option in Cardiac Canyon.

The other major major attraction of Page is Horseshoe Bend which is a dramatic, an almost 360 degree bend in the Colorado River. When I first visited in 2014, Horseshoe Bend was almost unvisited. I remember watching the mile markers so could find the unmarked point to pull off the road and hike to the bend. By 2017, there was a large dirt parking lot admistered by the National Park Service with a big sign and many tourists. In 2024, entry is managed by the City of Page and the entire operation is a lot more organized. I do miss earlier times when these natural landmarks were almost unknown.